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2019-20  Religious Education

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After Mass July 20th and 21st, August 10th and 11th, and August 24th and 25th.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the St. John Neumann Christian Formation Office is to transform our foundational Religious Education program into a multifaceted program of Christian Formation that forms an integral part of parish spiritual life and draws all parishioners into a life of ongoing conversion leading to evangelization.

Director of Christian Formation

Director of Christian Formation

Jeannie Kennedy, Director of Religious Education

contact by phone at St. John Neumann, or email at childrensministry@sjnpowhatan.org

This position at SJN is part time (16 hours/week).  Please schedule a meeting to be sure I will be there at that day and time.

What Is Christian Formation?

Christian Formation is an ongoing apprenticeship in the Christian life. We call it Christian Formation rather than Christian Education because we want to remember that our goal is not just to obtain information, but to be transformed into the image of Christ based on the truth we learn and experience.

Christian Formation includes the element of spiritual formation, the intentional ongoing process of the inner transformation of the character of a person to become like the character of Jesus Christ himself, of becoming with others a community of the people of God, and of becoming an agent for God’s redemptive purposes.

Christian Formation is a dynamic, unceasing program of growth and development which each of us experiences in our lives as a continuing activity that gives shape and meaning to all activities of life.

Christian Formation is a lifelong venture that broadens and deepens both our faith and knowledge by offering meaningful Christian Formation programs for every stage of life.

Protecting Our Children

We at St. John Neumann are totally committed to providing a safe environment for our children to grow in faith and enjoy our many parish activities. For more information on how we are achieving this goal, click the following link:  Protecting Our Children

Staying "In The Loop" with Christian Formation

All new Christian Formation information for any age level will be broadcast in several ways.

EMAIL: The primary method to get information to you is by email. Please fill out an "R U In The Loop ?" card available in the Narthex. Subscribe to all areas that interest you. You may unsubscribe to any or all lists at any time.

FACEBOOK: All emails sent via " R U In The Loop " will also be posted to the Christian Formation page on Facebook. www.facebook.com/sjncf . This Facebook site is for passing information only. The wall does not allow posting so it is safe for everyone.

WEEKLY BULLETIN: The weekly bulletin will have only major "headline" information on Christian Formation pointing you to the full information at the locations above. There is simply not enough room to put all the information in the bulletin. Get "In The Loop" if you really want to be informed.

WEBSITE: In addition to what is here now, this page also has the Christian Formation calendar. I will do my best to keep the website current and send notifications of updates via email and Facebook.

ANNOUNCEMENTS AFTER MASS: Only on rare occasions when it is the only option at the time.