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First Eucharist/Reconciliation Preparation

2017-2018 First Eucharist/Reconciliation FAQ rev070117

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Registration for 2017-18 RE and Sacraments will be at masses on August 26 & 27, 2017 and September 2 & 3, 2017. 

Bring completed Youth Registration Form, 1st Sacrament Registration Form and Baptism Certificate copy (Baptism year if baptized at SJN)

Forms can be downloaded by clicking links in  the right hand column.

Note; Catholic school students must prepare for and receive sacraments in their parish of registration.

First Sacraments 2018 Preparation Class Information

Catechists: Kathy Schmidt & Mary Carol Arnold           Email: fromkathyschmidt@gmail.com

Adult Classes: Deacon Ed            

Special Sessions: Fr. Lewis (noted below)

 Reconciliation 2018

 Jan 17             Wednesday      6:30 -745 PM  Parent and children classes               Fr.. Lewis teaching  PARENTS

 Jan 24            Wednesday     6:30-745 PM   Parent and children classes                

 Jan 31            Wednesday     6;30-745 PM    Parent and children classes               Fr. Lewis teaching CHILDREN

Feb 7              Wednesday     6:30-745 PM    ONLY CHILDREN'S CLASSES

 Feb 14           ASH WEDNESDAY – NO CLASS

  Feb 21            Wednesday        6:00 pm            CELEBRATION OF FIRST PENANCE   


First Eucharist 2017

Mar 14    Wednesday  6:30-7:45 PM              Parent and children classes                

Mar 21    Wednesday  6:30-7:45 PM              Parent and children classes                 Fr. Lewis teaching PARENTS

Easter Break

Apr 11    Wednesday  6:30-7:45 PM              Parent and children classes

Apr 18    Wednesday  6:30-7:45 PM               Parent and children classes                 Fr. Lewis teaching CHILDREN

Apr 25     Wednesday    6;30-7:45                   ONLY CHILDREN'S CLASSES

May 6          Sunday                        Dress Rehearsal and Pictures after 11:00 Mass

May 12/13   Sat/Sun                       FIRST COMMUNION CELEBRATION WEEKEND


Parish Registration Requirements:

If you would like to apply for your child to receive the sacraments of Reconciliation  and/or First Eucharist, first register your family in the parish and register your child using the Youth Registration Form.  When that is done, complete and return the First Eucharist registration form.

Age Requirements:

Your child must be in grade 3 (or older)

Baptism Requirement:

The parish must have proof of Christian  baptism.

If baptized at St John Neumann: fill out all information on the application including year of baptism at SJN.

If baptized elsewhere: obtain a copy of the Baptismal Certificate and include it with the application. If you do not have the certificate, please contact the baptismal church and request a copy. If you can’t find the church address or phone number, we may be able to help.

Religious Education Requirements:

Completion of grade 2 of Religious Education

Previous year attendance in Religious Education or Catholic school.

Current registration for grade 3 in the SJN RE program or Catholic School

The Process:

The program will consist of 4 classes prior to 1st Reconciliation (three with separate adult sessions) and five classes prior to 1st Eucharist (four with separate adult sessions).

 See the schedule of classes above. One parent or guardian must attend adult sessions on days they are scheduled.  

 The Program:

God's Gift: Reconciliation and Eucharist, published by Loyola Press, offer meaningful experiences that help children and their parents understand, prepare for, and celebrate the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. These fully integrated sacramental-preparation programs engage children's hearts and minds through multiple prayer opportunities, beautiful commissioned artwork, and unique interactive elements.

For more information go to http://www.loyolapress.com/faith-formation/sacramental-preparation/gods-gift-2016 


There is a $10.00 fee per child to help cover the book cost. Fee is due with registration.