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Neu Waves Youth Ministry

Youth Are Making Waves at St. John Neumann Parish

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A Comprehensive Catholic Youth Ministry at St. John Neumann Parish


                    Beth Belcher        micbeth2b@yahoo.com        479-0160

                    Joni Peck        joni555@aol.com                432-5174


What is Neu Waves?

The mission of St John Neumann Catholic Youth Ministry is to inspire our youth to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ andthe Church through Evangelization, Hospitality, Giving and Leadership.

What is the goal of Neu Waves?

The goal of NeuWaves is to help young people in Grades 8 - 12:

·         Become empowered to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today

·         Participate responsibly in the life, mission and work of the Catholic faith community at St. John Neumann Parish.

·         Grow personally and spiritually and become faith filled youth.

How Do We Do It?

Our NeuWaves program is a comprehensive, “one-stop-shopping” destination that uses a balance of four key elements:

                WORD:  systematic catechesis (Follow Youth Faith Formation links to the right.)

                WORSHIP:  Prayer, praise and worship

                SERVICE:  direct service along with awareness of larger global issues in social justice

                COMMUNITY:  retreats, social activities such as movie nights, Diocesan Youth Conferences etc.

What Do We Need?

Successful Youth Ministry requires extensive volunteer participation as chaperones, drivers, etc.  If you are interested in Youth Ministry and would like to explore working in this area, please contact Beth Belcher.

Diocesan Opportunities

While youth opportunities at SJN are expanding, we also want to encourage and facilitate youth participation in diocesan events.
For diocesan event complete information and registration, please follow the link to the diocesan site to the right.