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Religious Education Grades 1-6

Religious Education Grades 1– 6

Overview  2016 – 2017

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Dear Parents,

Grade 1 – 6 Religious Education  stays mostly the same this year but there are a few changes. Hopefully this will give you the information you need.

Remember to check Christian Formation on the web site www.sjnpowhatan.org for FAQ’s & Downloads.

May the Holy Spirit guide our steps as we travel new paths in our journey towards Finding God.

Deacon Ed

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When and Where?

Religious Education for Grades 1 -6 will be held here at Saint John Neumann on Sundays between Masses. The first day of classes is September 11th. There is a parent meeting at 9:40 during the class in Fr Val Hall. Please have your children to class no later than 9:40 AM and be there to pick them up at 10:40 sharp. Class dates are noted on the parish calendar on the website and also posted on the bulletin board in the RE Hallway.

We are not planning to have a Kindergarten because of too few classrooms.

 Why this  Location and Time ?

This schedule makes it easier for parents to meet their dual obligation of providing religious education of their children and celebrating  “the source and summit” of our Catholic life – the Mass, with their children. All children will have the opportunity to attend Mass with their families and be prepared to talk about their class as well as the readings and the homily on the trip home or at the Sunday meal.

 What will the adults do?

Parents are invited to “Break Open The Word”, a discussion of the Sunday readings and homily, led by one of the deacons or member of the RCIA team. Join the group in Fr. Val Hall.


All parents are asked to volunteer in some way. The Church teaches that parents are the primary teachers of their children. Volunteering to support the program is the least we can do for those giving their time and talent as catechists. Needs vary with different grades. Your child’s catechist will tell you the best way to help.

 Are we changing programs?

No. This year we will again use the Finding God series published by Loyola Press. For details on the program, please go to www.findinggod.org. Take a minute to register and you will be amazed at all the resources available to you in addition to an overview of the program.

There are many reasons for staying with Finding God: First, the lesson plans are complete and thorough allowing the catechists to focus on presenting the lesson rather than preparing the lesson. More importantly, the content is complete. Every lesson includes a theme, scripture references, catechism references, catholic social teaching themes, vocabulary, the story of a saint and basic prayers.

 Is there a Student Book?

Yes, there is a student book. Each week the student will bring home pages for reflection, study and sharing. There will be a comprehensive parents’ page to guide you in reviewing the lesson with your child.

 Are there tests?

Structure is an outstanding feature of the program. The course is broken down into five units with four teaching sessions and a review session per unit. There are review and assessment materials for each unit. Parents will be primarily responsible for assessing the child’s progress. The weekly parent’s pages will give you the information you will need to review the covered material and answer your child’s questions. In addition, you will receive a printed, blank  assessment (with answer sheet for you) to administer to your child and return completed to the catechist.

  What if I miss a class?

We realize that it may be necessary to miss a class for personal reasons. If you know in advance, arrange with your child’s catechist to get the class material in advance. Otherwise, get the material the week you return. It remains the parents’ responsibility to be sure the student is prepared for the review days and assessments.

 What if I will miss many classes?

There are situations such as child custody issues that will prevent full participation in the program. Please schedule an appointment with Deacon Ed to discuss how we can help you assure that your child will grow in their faith. One option is that the parent purchases a Catechist Guide to help their child keep pace with the program. The cost of the Catechist Guide is $55.95 for Grade 1-6. In that way, the parent can prepare the child for the review days and assessments. There are also less expensive options: talk to deacon Ed.

 What about Home School?

There is a Home School option. Registration in the program is required to receive credit for the year. For home school, it is highly recommended the parents purchase a Catechist Guide. Cost of the guide is $55.95 in addition to registration. The parents will be responsible to prepare and administer the assessments every five weeks. This will be difficult if not impossible without the guide. It will be the parents’ responsibility to give the completed assessments to Deacon Ed. In accordance with diocesan directives, there is no Home School option for Sacramental Preparation.

 What about First Reconciliation/Eucharist and Confirmation?

These programs require completing the basic youth registration form in addition to other requirements. Check the link for Sacramental Preparation for additional details and separate documents on First Reconciliation/Eucharist and Confirmation.

 What next?

Make sure you are registered in the parish and that your children are registered in all appropriate programs.

 What will happen on the first day of classes?

For the first day and every day thereafter, go with your children to their classroom and make sure they are signed in.  After class, please pick up your child at the classroom, sign them out and be sure they have their take-home materials, coats etc. Dropping off and picking up of children in the parking lot is not an option.

 I have more questions.

Get in touch with me, Deacon Ed Schmidt by calling SJN and asking for me or leaving a message in my voicemail if I am not there, or emailing to deacon.ed.sjn@gmail.com