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Religious Education Grades 9-12

SJN High School Christian Formation

An Integral Component of Neu Waves Youth Ministry

Grades 9-12

Overview  2016 – 2017

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Dear Parents, Grandparents and Guardians, 

 We’d like to share with you the many exciting plans for the High School program this year.  May the Holy Spirit guide all our steps as we travel new paths in our journey towards Finding God.


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2017-18 Registration Weekends for R.E. 1st Eucharist, Confirmation and Neu Waves
August 19-20 and August 26-27

Contact Information

Catechists Grade 11-12:    Deacon Jim   jimtubbs25@gmail.com

                                            Tom Rando   thomas.rando@gmail.com

Catechists Grade 9-10:      Tammy Vosburg  pattam1@verizon.net

                                            Deacon Ed  deacon.ed.sjn@gmail.com   

Website:           www.sjnpowhatan.org

Facebook:         www.facebook.com/sjncf

High School?

Grades 9-10 and Grades 11-12 will meet as separate units this year. Meetings will be weekly at St. John Neumann on Sunday evenings.

While Sunday evening will be the norm, the Youth Ministry Team is planning for many special social and outreach activities, so dates, times and places may change. It will be important to check for updated information on the SJN website by clicking the Christian Formation tab on the homepage and then clicking CF Calendar. We will also send email updates and post information on the SJN Facebook page.

 Why this  Location and Time ?

This meeting time was discerned as best in light of the many commitments of our youth and families outside of parish life during the week. As in other parishes in the area, limited space requires that middle and high school students will meet at a different time than elementary students.

 Why Christian Formation instead of Religious Education?

Religious Education is only part of Christian Formation, especially for teens. We understand that youth have different needs and like to choose how to be involved. We know that youth have hectic schedules and that young people benefit by having the opportunity to relate to a variety of adults.

We will meet the needs of your youth through formation in eight key areas: Catechesis, Prayer and Worship, Evangelization, Leadership Development, Justice, Service, Pastoral Care and Advocacy. We will work with them in Mission and Outreach activities and join with them in just plain Fun. The content is limited only by the imagination of our youth and the willingness of parents to help. We seek your input and participation.


All parents are asked to volunteer in some way. The Church teaches that parents are the primary teachers of their children. Volunteering to support the program is the least we can do for those giving their time and talent as catechists and youth ministers. Needs will vary from week to week. Please let us know of any special skills or talents you are willing to share. We will not be bashful about telling you what help we need. We especially need chaperones & drivers to help with the outreach and social components.

 Are we changing the Catechesis component of the program?

No.  In keeping with the diocesan directives, the curriculum that will be used by the Diocese of Richmond for all parish based programs is the Adaptation of Doctrinal Elements of a Curriculum Framework for the Development of Catechetical Materials forYoung People of High School Age provided by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

 Using this document, the Richmond Diocese has participated in the development of Journey to Emmaus, a four year curriculum that allows parents and catechists to provide complete understanding of the faith that God has called us to bring to them.

 Each session includes direct correlation to the USCCB framework, Scripture references, Catechism and Church Document citations, opening & closing prayers, games and icebreakers, a sample talk, and related media links to music, movies and websites.

 What next?

Make sure you are registered in the parish and fill out a youth registration form with your high school youth.

 I have more questions.

Contact one of the catechists (contact info above) or get in touch with Deacon Ed Schmidt, Director of Christian Formation,  by calling SJN and asking for him or leaving a message in his voicemail if he is not there, or email deacon.ed.sjn@verizon.net