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Columbarium Pricing

Pricing for SJN Columbarium



·        The current cost of a single Columbarium Niche License for registered members of St. John Neumann Catholic Church is $1,000. Each additional License will cost the same. 


·        Licenses may be sold to others, who are not registered members of SJN.  The cost of a single License is currently $1,100.  Each additional License will cost the same. 


·        Future cost increases will be subject to current installation, material, and maintenance costs and will be approved by the Pastor.


·        The License Fee may be paid in whole or part at the time the License Agreement is signed. 


·        A minimum, non-refundable, partial payment of twenty percent (20%) will be due at the time of signature to reserve a Columbarium space and maintain the current cost of the License.


·        A period of 12 months will be given for payment of the remaining balance of the License Fee. If the balance of the Fee is not paid in its entirety during this twelve-month period, the Fee will be increased to meet the then current License cost.  If after a grace period of sixty days (60) the Fee is not paid in its entirety, the Pastor reserves the right to terminate the Lease Agreement.


All other matters concerning the licensing, use and implementation of the Columbarium are outlined and subject to the Columbarium Rules & Regulations as well as the Columbarium Licensing Agreement.