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Pastoral Council

The parish Pastoral Council continuously develops and articulates a deep and mature understanding of the identity and purpose of the parish.  It reflects the unique personality of the parish as it evolves, using the mission statement developed by the Pastor and parishioners.  The Pastoral Council meets on the second Tuesday of the month, ten months during the year.  Its purpose is to be an advisory Council to the Pastor.



Effective July, 2014 – June, 2015

Wade Evans, Chair – Term expires June, 2017 (appointed):  wevans3@comcast.net

Tiffany Vadella-Griffith, Vice Chair – Term expires June, 2016 (appointed):  tiffanyvadella@gmail.com

Tiffany Whitcomb –  Term expires June, 2016 (appointed):  twhitcomb@mac.com

Larry Kelly – Term expires June, 2016 (appointed): jlkelly1@verizon.net 

Ann Lersch – Term expires June, 2017 (elected):  annlersch@aol.com 

David Corbett – Term expires June, 2017 (appointed): david.corbettsjn@verizon.net 

Michelle Gestwick –Term expires June, 2015 (elected):   iandhij@gmail.com  or  itsanewdayllc@verizon.net 

Gretta Stage –Term expires June, 2015 (elected):  grettastage@hotmail.com 

Julie Lawrence – Term expires June, 2015 (appointed):  jlawimage@aol.com