Adult Faith Formation

Faith formation is ongoing for life! Today the Catholic Church teaches that Adult Faith Formation is essential to accomplishing our mission as a Church, which is to bring the Gospel message into every aspect of our lives, whether family, work, or civic situations. In fact, the church calls us to put Adult Faith Formation at the very center of our parish catechetical activity.

Participate in Adult Faith Formation

The Church calls all adults to be lifelong learners. Adult Faith Formation helps you develop a mature faith so you can live as a Christ-like disciple in your family, work place and community. Adult Faith Formation also helps you:

  • discover God’s purpose for you
  • feel God’s presence and strength in difficult times
  • experience joy and appreciation in good times
  • love more deeply
  • feel more at peace with yourself and the world
Don't let the name fool you, Thursday Night Theology does run daytime opportunities.

Would You Enjoy Volunteering in Adult Faith Formation

Although there have been some attempts by loyal parishioners to provide Adult Formation opportunities here at St. John Neumann, there has never been a sustained effort to develop a true Adult Formation Program.

What we need most at this point is someone willing to step forward to coordinate the effort. We have many resources but little time to implement them.

If you think you would enjoy working in Adult Faith Formation as a program administrator, session leader, catechist, or to discuss the many and varied opportunities, please contact Deacon Jim Tubbs at

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