Religious Education Grades 1-5

According to the National Directory for Catechesis, “Family-centered catechetical programs are opportunities for parents to catechize their children directly, for spouses to catechize each other and for children to catechize one another and their parents.” (National Directory for Catechesis #61.2)

Family Catechesis is a response to the call to a “new evangelization” and a reemergence of the importance of faith formation for the entire Catholic family.

Religious Education Grades 1-5

The program is a hybrid of classroom and an at-home family catechesis component. See below for registration information and/or frequently asked questions.

  • Classes are held at Saint John Neumann on designated Sundays between Masses.

  • Our textbook, Finding God, is divided into five units with five chapters each.

  • Three units will be completed in the classroom and two units will be completed at home.

  • We will alternate classroom time with at home time based on each unit.

  • On designated Sundays, parents will remain in FR Val Hall to learn about living the Catholic faith at home.

First Reconciliation & Eucharist

This program requires completing the 1st Sacraments registration form in addition to the Youth Religious Education registration form. Check the Sacraments page for additional details on First Reconciliation/Eucharist.

First Penance/Eucharist

If you need more information or have questions, please use the contact information button below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Family Catechesis?

Family Catechesis is a response to the call to a “new evangelization” and a reemergence of the importance of faith formation for the entire Catholic family. Contemporary society presents great challenges to parents in raising our children. Family catechesis can help parents navigate these challenges through faith and learning opportunities that help each family grow into their own “domestic church.”

As families struggle with the pressures of our contemporary society, the Church urges parish leaders to offer a variety of faith sharing / learning opportunities that will help families grow into the “domestic church” we need them to be.

What is the goal of Family Catechesis?

The basic goal of Family Catechesis is to help parents grow in their own faith, so they are better able to pass it on to their children. Through a variety of opportunities, family catechesis can:

  • help families learn how to pray and to discuss their faith together

  • help parents better understand their role as primary catechists

  • bring families together in order to share and deepen their Catholic faith

  • strengthen the relationship between the family and the Church

  • establish ongoing Catholic faith practices within the family life

  • integrate the family into the parish community

  • To help families navigate an often-questionable contemporary society

  • To help families learn to incorporate and value service to others in their daily lives

Why this Location and Time?

As parents, we have a dual obligation to attend Mass, “the source and summit” of Catholic life, with our children and provide religious education for our children. This schedule allows families to attend Mass and religious education, providing the opportunity to discuss the readings, Gospel, homily, and class on the way home or at the family meal.


There will be a volunteer requirement this year. For several years, we have not had enough volunteers and we cannot continue to function without volunteers. The parents will need to complete Diocesan safe environment training including VIRTUS and a background check.

All families are asked to volunteer in some way. The Church teaches that parents are the primary teachers of their children. Volunteering to support the program is the least we can do for those giving their time and talent as catechists. Needs vary with different grades. Your child’s catechist will tell you the best way to help.

Are we changing programs?

No. We will continue to use the Finding God series published by Loyola Press. For details on the program, please go to Take a minute to register and you will be amazed at all the resources available to you in addition to an overview of the program.

There are many reasons for staying with Finding God: First, the lesson plans are complete and thorough allowing the catechists to focus on presenting the lesson rather than preparing the lesson. More importantly, the content is complete. Every lesson includes a theme, scripture references, catechism references, catholic social teaching themes, vocabulary, the story of a saint, and basic prayers.

Is there a Student Book?

Yes, there is a student book which will go home after the classroom units with the student and be used for the home sessions in conjunction with all the parent resources we will supply.

Are there tests?

There is an online session review for the units completed at home which will be automatically emailed to SLN with a click of a button.

What if I miss a class?

We realize that it may be necessary to miss a class for personal reasons, however, it is important to attend all sessions. One of the reasons for changing the format to include more classroom sessions is because the lack of classroom sessions posed a problem for a variety of reasons. We will be tracking attendance this year.

What if I will miss many classes?

If you have special circumstances where you will miss many of the classes, please reach out to Jeannie Kennedy and we can discuss options.

What about Home School?

There is always a home school option. Registration in the program is required to receive credit for the year. For home school, it is highly recommended the parents purchase a Catechist Guide. Cost of the guide is $55.95 in addition to registration. The parents will be responsible to prepare and administer the assessments every five weeks. This will be difficult, if not impossible, without the guide. It will be the parents’ responsibility to give the completed assessments to Jeannie Kennedy. In accordance with diocesan directives, there is no Home School option for Sacramental Preparation.

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